January 13th, 2014

The Wolf Of Wall Street

In Wall Street Gordon Geko argued that "Greed is good" but the movie argued that greed is bad. Here in The Wolf Of Wall Street we now get a movie that argues that greed is, in fact, good.

The other argument the movie makes is that people on Wall Street are not much different than the gangsters Scorsese has spent years making movies about.

But, what we mostly get here is "money porn" - lots of stuff about rich people having a lot of fun with a lot of money. They do drugs, have sex with a lot of pretty people, go on fabulous vacations, own yachts and don't give a shit. They are also some of the dumbest rich people ever put on screen. The six main characters were low life suburban pot dealers who simply decided to eventually sell crappy stocks instead of crappy dope.

As usual for a Scorsese film the soundtrack is wonderful - I loved the use of Billy Joel and the Foo Fighters. Rob Reiner is excellent - particularly in a scene where his son explains to him "girls don't have pubes now."

The film is beyond cynical, arguing that the American system is set up so that if you are honest and don't break the law you lose and if you are dishonest and willing to do anything to make money you win.

It's mostly pretty fun - expect for a completely pointless rape scene late in the film. It is also the most explicit Hollywood film I've ever seen. If you've ever wondered what Leo DiCaprio's asshole looks like this is your chance.

The film drags a bit in the middle - how many times can you watch people do cocaine and then fuck two or more women at once even if the women are beautiful? How many orgies is too much - we even get an explicit gay male orgy.  And, as usual, Scorseese portrays all the female characters as background and is much more interested in boys being criminals than in  girls being  human. (The exception being a certain absolutely fabulous British actress.)

Overall a fun escapist film and a decent DiCaprio vehicle - but this ain't no Goodfellas.