January 2nd, 2014

Star Wars - The Complete Saga

Because Rome Girl got me Star Wars - The Complete Saga on Blu-Ray for Christmas and all the bars we like were closed on New Year's Eve this year we decided to do a marathon of all six films. This was particularly interesting because Rome Girl had never seen the vast majority of the Star Wars movies. And, we decided to do them in chronological order, rather than the order they were released in.

After doing so I have to say, with a heavy heart, that George Lucas is right. This is Anakin's story. Before I always thought the prequels were about Ani - but that the older films were about Luke.

But, watching them all in one day makes it super clear that the six movie story arch is about Anakin and his tragic flaw that brings him so close to grace and then pulls him away from it.

What's really interesting is that it gives you a sense that from the word go Anakin wants to do the right thing. He doesn't just go to the Dark Side because of Padme's death or his own anger. He truly believes that he can save the galaxy from all the shit - that to him - seems to have been caused by the bureaucracy and corruption of the Imperial senate.

Mostly this is because he's seen the love of his life's planet nearly destroyed because of the inaction of the bureaucracy. He thinks that someone needs to step in and simply make logical decisions with the needs of the people, rather than politicians, as paramount.

He also has every reason to distrust the Jedi - who, quite honestly, do try to not only spy on elected representatives, but who do try to stage a military coup against the democratically elected leader. (And, most of the Jedi are never really kind to him and generally treat Anakin as a weird curiosity and not one of them, even though he tries to prove himself to them over and over again.)

This is why he wants to rule that galaxy with his son - not as some weird power grab from the Emperor - but because it seems to him like the right thing to do.  Like many real life well intentioned people in the real world, he can't see the gradual corruption and damage that his compromises along the way cause.

And, that makes a much better story, overall, than a rag tag bunch of religious rebels blowing up military shit with the help of Teddy bears.