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February 20th, 2012


When you get to Chapter Four of Final Fantasy XIII-2 your ultimate mission is finally revealed to you.

It's to "Save Academia."

Writer's Block: Back to the Future

Given the choice of time travel, would you go back in time or forward?

Back in time to when Zuckerberg has just moved out to the West Coast and offer to invest $1,000 in his new start up in exchange for .025 of his company.

The Global Economy

This morning has been spent with a client in Italy sending me in Montpellier, France, emails in Italian asking how she can pay my invoice via wire to my bank in New Jersey, USA. (Europe uses an IBAN wire transfer system and the US uses a SWIFT transfer system.)

I then forward those emails to Rome Girl in Dijon, France, who then tells me what they mean in English and then emails me what to copy and paste back to the client in Italian.

When my Italian client finally figures out how to send the money to my US bank, I'll take the money out of an ATM in France. Part of that money will be given to my cleaning lady who will then Western Union part of it to her relatives in Morocco.

Another section of that money will be given to the EDF, my French electric company, which recently raised our electric bills to pay for infrastructure improvements in the UK and Germany, which means that a small portion of that money will end up in the hands of people in those countries.

Some of that money will be spent at the Robin Hood Pub, which is owned by the UK based John Bull Co., but managed by an Irish woman whose bonus is based on how much beer she sells each quarter. I'll tip the bar staff over the course of the week - who are from Wales, South Africa, Sweden and Czechoslovakia.

Another portion of that money will go to the English language bookstore in town which is owned by Germans, but buys their books wholesale from Amazon.co.uk, a UK based subsidiary of a US company. Some of those books will be crime novels translated from pretty much every Scandinavian country that exists, providing royalties to both the publishers and authors in those countries.

Just think about that incredible transfer of money from one single source over multiple international economies in a matter of days.

The Downlow

Man, Chris Brown is an idiot.

Here's the thing, if you are a closeted star to the point where you beat the shit out of your girlfriend, Rhianna, when she checks your phone and finds all sorts of gay sex shit on it and you want to scare her out of telling the press, you might want to think about telling your male lover to delete the text messages you sent him particularly if they are like this:

chrisbrown: I talk to u the way i want to ma nigga, i sell out shows u still a nobody except for writing songs for major celebs thats all.
chrisbrown: Just cuz we messed around a few times dont mean u shouldnt respect a nigga. Am the shit hence F.A.M.E fag
chrisbrown: Yeah i enjoyed when u fcked the shit outta me nigga but thats only in the moment, only a stupid nigga would reject an opportunity like that
chrisbrown: FckU, FOX NEWS, Good Morning America, AND every1 else who thinks i need fcking anger management. u did not complain when u were hittin this
chrisbrown: And nigga I heard bout u hooking with Trey too. U can stay fckin dat homie i stay selling out shows ahaha
MartynWorld: I ain’t gay bro am bi..and proud like fergie, nicki and Jessie j. U the one hiding. What I do n with whom is my business.
MartynWorld: Dude imma get 500,000 followers to shut u up. Just watch. Make sure no1 wants to interview me bout u cuz I’ll speak. Remember am bi n proud

New LiLo Photoshoot

I find the number "69" on the door to be hilarious!



Five more pictures and I don't want to eat up your friends page if you are not interested.Collapse )

Random Odd Facts

Robert Downy Jr. is a republican.

Kiefer Sutherland is a liberal. **

**The article says he is a "democrat" but he can only legally vote in Canada and the UK, so I guess he's Labour? Anyone know that the correct political term is for a dual national Canadian/UK person who is a member of the left wing?

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