December 30th, 2011

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 Bart Calendar 2:45 pm
    Oh. Rome Girl just made her trip be at least 12 hours longer because of a french language fuck up
 Miss Darling 2:45 pm
Bart Calendar 2:46 pm
    she got to lyons where sh was supposed to switch to an 'autocar"
    she thought "autocar" meant "train that you can put your car on as well."
    so she wandered around looking for a large enough train
Miss Darling 2:46 pm
Bart Calendar 2:46 pm
    until "suddenly the autocar wasn't listed on the board anymore."
    I said "autocar means  bus."
Miss Darling 2:47 pm
    oh noooooooooooo poor thing !
Bart Calendar 2:47 pm
    so now she has to take a comletely new set of trains from lyons to rome including an overnight train from milan to rome where she might have to stand.
    Miss Darling 2:48 pm
    brilliant ! Sad, but very funny, poor Rome Girl
Bart Calendar 2:49 pm
    her job is writing about how english speakers can travel in france
Bart Calendar 2:49 pm
    you would think that would entail learning the french word for bus at some point
Miss Darling 2:49 pm
    it's confusing cos they say "bus" too , autocar is a coach
Bart Calendar 2:49 pm
    in american english we don't say 'coach"
Miss Darling 2:49 pm
    you'd think she would have asked though?
    don't you?
Bart Calendar 2:50 pm
    yes, you would!
    I'm imagining her wandering around the lyon train station searching for the giant train ferry.
Miss Darling 2:51 pm
    thing is, it's the same word in Italian
Bart Calendar 2:51 pm
    what is?
Miss Darling 2:51 pm
    autobus, different accent but same word
    ah no, sorry it's autocar
Bart Calendar 2:51 pm
    wow. so I can really make fun of her the next time she calls
Miss Darling 2:51 pm
    almost though
    NO I just looked it up, it's the same word
Bart Calendar 2:52 pm
Miss Darling 2:52 pm
    yeah, that's gonna piss her off!!
Bart Calendar 2:52 pm
    should I call her and point that out?
Miss Darling 2:52 pm
    leave the poor girl alone :!!!
Bart Calendar 2:52 pm
   I just think it's funny because she's a french travel writer
Miss Darling 2:53 pm
    it is a bit amusing
Bart Calendar 2:53 pm
    it would kind of be like if you were dating a gynocologist and he couldn't find your clit.
Miss Darling 2:54 pm

Bachmann Campaign Aides Quit

(AP) – Following the defections of key members of her campaign staff, GOP primary candidate Michele Bachmann fled Kings Landing and is reported to be living in the Vale of Arryn .

"I have sent word to my sister in Winterfell about plots against myself and my six year old son launched by Barack "Kingslayer" Obama," Bachmann, commonly known to friends and campaign supporters as "Lysa" said. "I have surrounded myself with armed guards from the La Leche League who will defend my family and my honor to the death."

Obama and his advisers denied that any plot had been taken up by him or his small council against Bachmann.

"There are spiders everywhere, but she sees spiders where none exist," said the president's chief of staff William Varys Daley. "Though we do have reports that Lady Bachman's sister has herself plotted against the royal family. I would be remiss in my duties if I did not remind milady that the same death penalty that she supports in her campaign can be applied to federal as well as state crimes."

Bachmann called for a special prosecutor to investigate the White House before the primaries begin.

"By November I will be vindicated and the people will see the bad man fly," Bachmann said.

Leading GOP candidates Khal Drogo, Tywin Lannister and Bart Calendar each took time out to call for Bachmann to officially leave the campaign.

"Lady Bachmann belongs with the crones at Vaes Dothrak," Drogo said. "She has earned no braids."

Calendar, meanwhile, said that he felt Bachmann was sullying the good name of the Republican Party.

"We have many reports that she may be guilty of child abuse," Calendar said. "Hiding behind the La Leche bannermen is just a way to avoid speculations about the way she has brought up her son. If she wasn't wealthy, child protective services would have been called in long ago. We also have reports that her marriage was arranged and that she suffers from deep psychological issues."

Lannister joined Calendar and Drogo in condemning the candidate.

"Traitors and cowards have no place in our campaign," Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock, Shield of Lannisport and Warden of the West said. "If she has gone craven, she should not be leading our land while winter is coming."