December 23rd, 2011

Bart In 2012

Since it looks like GOP primary voters will support anyone who is not Mitt Romney and I could use some money, I've decided to switch parties and enter the GOP primary field.

My only question is what slogan I should use. I've come up with a few, but am willing to hear suggestions:

"Bart 2012 - A Name You Know. A Drunk You Trust."

"Bart 2012 - Drinks Are On The House (Of Representatives.)"

"Bart 2012 - 80 Proof Is All The Proof You Need."

"Bart 2012 - Everyone Needs A Calendar"

"Bart 2012 - I Didn't Do It. Nobody Saw Me Do It. You Can't Prove Anything."

"Bart 2012 - Let It Be Written. Let It Be Done."

"Bart 2012 - Every Woman Has The Right To Choose Me."

My Running Mate?

When I win the GOP primaries I'll have to choose a running mate.

Who should I pick?

Poll #1805354 Who Should My Running Mate Be?

Who Should I Pick As My Running Mate

Jack Daniels
Jim Beam
John Walker
Sam Houston
Arthur Guinness