December 21st, 2011


The cleaning lady usually comes Wednesday mornings. In fact, almost always comes Wednesday mornings.

Except last night she called and said she needed to come Thursday this week.

Did I mention that Rome Girl comes home this afternoon?

Fuck. My. Life.

There's no way in hell I could get this place looking like it hadn't had a single male living in it for the past month, so fuck it. I'm just going to buy nice things at the grocery store and be like "Hey, Fatima will clean this shit tomorrow. Sorry."

HIV Vacine Poll

The FDA has approved human testing of an HIV vaccine that could make HIV a distant memory like polio.

Of course it would be another five years before it's available to the general public. That said, what do you think the effect of the vaccine will be on gay male behavior. I've read that before the AIDS epidemic pretty much no gay dude used condoms ever. Do you think we'll go back to that or will the memory of HIV make gay dudes continue to be careful?

Poll #1804686 The HIV Vacine

If The HIV Vaccine Works Gay Men Will

Pretty much stop using condoms
Still use condoms all the time because of other STDs
Other you will explain