December 17th, 2011

A Clash Of Kings

My dad got me the rest of the Song Of Ice And Fire books for Christmas which has killed my willpower to not read them before the series starts up again.

As such I'm 100 or so pages into A Clash Of Kings. So far it supports my general feelings at the end of Game Of Thrones:

1. The dead Hufflepuff king's brothers are just as useless as he was. I guess all Hufflepuffs are useless. The Ravenclaws will easily beat whichever Hufflepuff brother makes a serious grab for the thrown.

2. Dwarf Ravenclaw is the only Ravenclaw with any sense. He's also the only chance Malfoy has of staying alive/keeping the throne.

3. The Mudblood is an emo twat, but still has more common sense than any of the Gryffindors (other than Ginny Weasley), so while he inherited his dad's bravery, he somehow managed to avoid the Stupid Gene. I suspect this is because unlike his step-mom, his mom must have not had that gene.

4. Of all the people who could reasonably argue that they deserve to be the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms the only one I'd actually trust in power is the Slytherin princess.