December 15th, 2011

Euro Stuff

You know I'm tired of hearing people bitch about David Cameron vetoing the UK joining with this theoretical idea of the EU becoming much more integrated. While in general I think that Cameron is a toad, in this one case he's right for several reasons.

1. The idea of this integration actually happening is not that high. Several countries will have to hold referendums on the issue and, honestly, I don't see that referendum passing in Ireland.

2. Ok, say it does pass. If it does so it will only be after the EU members states have spent millions and millions to promote it to their citizens and that's money that really could be spent on almost anything else.

3. If it does pass it will make Germany the de facto ruler of Europe. The UK fought two really bloody wars to stop that from happening. Why would they just say "Ok, thousands and thousands of our boys died to stop Hitler from making this happen, but god damn if it's what Morgan Stanley wants, then OK."

4. The UK being out of it is good for both the UK and mainland Europe. Assuming that Greece doesn't just break out of the Eurozone and that the new Italian leaders are mildly competent, the only way for mainland Europe to get out of this mess is currency devaluation. This is the one aspect of the common currency that's good. Devalue the Euro and it doesn't raise the prices of food because Spanish oranges will still be sold to France and the Netherlands in the devalued currencies. But, their exports to non Euro denominated countries will become much cheaper. Which means that food grown in mainland Europe, cars made here, hell everything made here will become cheaper for people in the US and the UK. Which means more sales for EU people, but also that many consumer good and foodstuffs in the UK will become cheaper. Everybody wins. But, if the UK went along with the integration then that would bring the pound down too, meaning that the UK wouldn't be able to benefit from lower prices and mainland Europe would not get a chance to increase their exports to the UK.

5. At the end of the day the EU is doomed anyway. People in northern Europe just think differently than people in southern Europe. And all of mainland Europe thinks differently than people in the UK. Trying to merge southern Europe with northern Europe is like trying to get a nymphomaniac to marry an asexual and not expecting problems down the line.

American Horror Story

Well, she's either going to have to get over being mad at her boyfriend or else lure a different cute boy into the house to kill. Eternity is a long time to go without getting laid.

On another note, am I the only one who is starting to get a little bit annoyed at just how much of a gay cliche Zac Quinto's character is and just how many gay slurs are thrown around in every episode featuring the gay ghosts?

This was, perhaps, the creepiest episode yet.