December 7th, 2011

Berlin Bites

Now that Rome Girl has been in Berlin for a week or so I asked her what her impression of the city was. This was her verbatim response:

"FUCKING EVIL. And with the relationship that i have with cities, it's like, how can anyone LIVE HERE?? you know how new york was the love of my life, rome saved me, etc..... berlin is like dating the dude who just got out of prison."

How Rome Girl Met The Drunk Ex Pat Writer

Here there sports fans!

Did you ever wonder how Rome Girl became Rome Girl and how she ended up live (at least for most of the year) in the South Of France?

Well, as a wise television producer once noted "The truth is out there!" in the form of Rome Girl's book Miss Expatria.

It tells the story from when she first left New York until she got here or in her own words:

"On the advice of a Jesus-loving taxi driver while on the New Jersey Turnpike, Christine leaves Pavlov Memento, her deeply flawed boyfriend of seven years, two days before moving to Italy. She nurses her heartbreak in an empty palazzo by the sea; then, with the help of her new friends - a group of men who call themselves the gay mafia - she moves to Rome and her new life begins. Follow her as she meets her First Italian, the Cheese Lady; Alessio, the handsome landlord; The Count, who whisks her away to Venice for Carnivale; and finally Cal, the Parisian-born Jersey boy living a parallel existence in the South of France who will change her life. But everything goes awry when she's forced to move back to New York, and she searches desperately for a way to return to Rome, Cal, and her beloved gay mafia. Will she succeed? Christine's real-life tale will make you laugh, make you hungry - and make you follow your dreams to the arrivals gate at your favorite destination."

You'll discover what it's really like to move to another country with no plans and no visa. You'll find out what she thought of me during our first year of dating. You'll learn the habits of giant hairy gay men in Italy (really.)

It makes an awesome Christmas gift for you or your loved ones!

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Selections Are In

Damn, they just announced who is getting into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame this year and I'm really surprised at how the voting turned out.

The winners were Guns N’ Roses, the Beastie Boys, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the late singer/songwriter Laura Nyro, Donovan, and The Small Faces/The Faces.

For those of you who are keeping score the nominees were:

Beastie Boys

· The Cure

· Donovan

· Eric B. & Rakim

· Guns 'N Roses

· Heart

· Joan Jett and The Blackhearts

· Freddie King

· Laura Nyro

· Red Hot Chili Peppers

· Rufus with Chaka Khan

· The Small Faces/The Faces

· The Spinners

· Donna Summer

· War

So, seriously, The Red Hot Chile Peppers get in but not Joan Jett, Heart or The Cure?