December 4th, 2011

Deep Thoughts

So, Metallica has announced that for their 2012 dates instead of doing their regular sets they are simply going to play The Black Album from start to finish.

Two thoughts:

1. So, their shows are only going to be an hour long? I hope they add some encores from other albums.

2. Who the fuck actually wants to hear "Through The Never?" Isn't that the track that everyone fucking skips when they play that album?


Picked up the new Stephen King book yesterday. I'm only 150 pages into it - but, seriously, he's taking the readers back to Derry in 1958???

Don't get me wrong, I loved "It" (other then the pedophile ending) but going over the ground of Pennywise, Richie Tozier and Bev Marsh again is completely unnecessary. And it fucks with cannon, since in the original novel, the kids stop talking to each other after Pennywise is put back into hibernation - so they are unlikely to be doing what King is making them do in this book.

Oh, well, the entire book can't sit in 1958 Derry, so as long as I don't have to deal with Castle Rock in 1959 or a 1960 version of Randall Flagg, I guess I'll deal with it - but shit I'm getting tired of King being meta over his own books.

P.S. If Stuttering Bill or Eddie Kaspbrak ends up saving JFK's life I will piss on this book and throw it out the window.

P.P.S. This goes double if an 8 year old Stu Redman saves JFK's life.

P.P.P.S. If Roland Deschain ends up shooting Oswald I'll shit on the book after I piss on it.