November 28th, 2011


Had a dream that I was actually born in the late 1800s and simply aged really slowly. Like not that I was immortal just that I had an unusually large lifespan so that today even though I was about 140 I looked and felt about 35.

In the dream it kept getting harder and harder to live in the world and hide that I was so much older than everyone else. As physical labor became less in demand it became harder and harder do find work because I couldn't exactly show a college diploma from 1908. And, as modern technology came to be and records were kept it became hard to even see a doctor since you'd need a referral and medical records and I didn't want anyone to know how old I was because I didn't want to be treated like a freak.

The only person who did know was my shrink and I said to her "The problem with this world is that people used to get really excited if they saw a bi-plane in the sky. Now there are jets overhead everyday and nobody notices or cares anymore."

Boardwalk Empire

Finally an episode that didn't leave me pulling my hair out.

But, seriously, in real life do you really think Al Capone, Myer Lansky and Lucky Luciano would still be putting up with Jimmy's bullshit?