November 27th, 2011

Vox Populi

"I think it's appropriate that this generation of protesters have made their rebellion into something the public at large can engage with more readily than with half-hearted chants, with that traditional, downtrodden sort of British protest. These people look like they're having a good time. And that sends out a tremendous message."

-- Allan Moore talking about the Occupy protests.


One of Rome Girl's gay friends is currently living in Berlin. Since Rome Girl got a free Eurail pass from one of her clients that doesn't expire until Jan. 2, she's decided to go visit him on Tuesday (it would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars to get there.)

The problem is that the only things she knows how to say in German are "I am a doughnut" and "Essen mein shiza."

Now, these are obviously very useful sentences, but they really won't cover all social situations.

Like, if she was to be introduced to a member of German high society, which sentence would she use?

Decisions, decisions.


Sirhan Sirhan's lawyers claim they can prove that two guns were fired at RFK and that the balistics of the kill shots show they didn't come from Sirhan's gun.



For World AIDS Day they've created a website where you can submit questions to Bono and George W. Bush who will answer randomly selected ones.

This is like Christmas a month early.

Why are you such a douchebag?

Why did you let Brian Eno destroy your band?

When is the next time you'll be alone in a dark alley?

How fucking much of a weak tosser did you feel like when you recorded "One?"

Would you consider a pay-per-view cage fight against Lars Ulrich?

I may never, ever leave this site.