November 24th, 2011

Writer's Block: Happy Turkey Day!

What are you most thankful for?

The weak who tremble in fear and will never garner the strength to rip off their chains. Their sobs, the taste of their tears and the terror in their cold dead eyes as they embrace the slavery they have condemned themselves to. Their children who will lock themselves in their own chains in time as they are taught that fear is the natural order of their existence and that obedience to the chosen is the only salvation.

Occupy Montpellier?

There were about five students trying to start an Occupy movement in the Place de la Comedie today.

They were all holding signs about the 99 percent. Nobody was paying them any mind, but it was still amusing to see.

The problem with trying to start something like that here is that there are random protests in the Comedie pretty much every day, so it just becomes part of the scenery.

Talking To My Cat

Me: Why won't you move off the couch?

Squirt: I'm part of the Occupy The Couch Movement.

Me: What?

Squirt: 99 percent of all calico cats are female! I'm standing up for our rights.

Me: I think you are just lazy.

Squirt: I am the 99 percent!