November 19th, 2011

Rock And Roll Trivia - Occupy Wall Street Edition

You know the rules. I post the lyrics you see how many you can get without Wikipedia.

1. I'll keep this world from dragging me down.

2. I went down to the demonstration to get my fair share of abuse.

3. Admit that the waters around you have grown.

4. How long must we sing this song?

5. No need for greed or hunger.

6. Don't be told what you want. Don't be told what you need.

7. I saw a sign that said "no trespassing" yet on the other side it didn't say nothing.

8. This summer I heard the drumming. Four dead in Ohio.

9. Poor people are going to rise up and get their share.

10. Maybe I'm a faggot American.


We watched 11-11-11 tonight the new movie by the people who made Saw.

It's really interesting. For one, there is almost no violence or gore in it at all.

It's also very slick and well done but also, to quote Rome Girl "sincere."

"If feels like a movie people really wanted to make and not just a Hollywood pitch on a screen," she said and I agree.

The only thing it has in common with the Saw films is the twist ending where everything is revealed in a montage at the end - but if the Saw guys know how to do anything well it's twist endings.
What I liked about it is that it just takes a very simple, yet creepy premise and just runs with it.

All his life weird things happen to a dude and they always have something to do with a time or date involving 11. He gets hit by a car at 11:11 a.m., for example. So, with 11/11/11 coming up he's terrified something really bad will happen to him - but since he has no idea what it will be he can't really prepare for it. So, it just sits hanging over him.

This adds a creepy feeling to everything so by the time the end comes shit is terrifying.

Best of all, the twist - while completely unexpected - makes perfect sense and doesn't feel like a cheat.

Overall - 4 stars.


Tom Morello at Occupy LA singing "This Land Is Your Land" - with the verses that Woodie Guthrie wrote but that they don't teach you in school.