November 17th, 2011

Guitar Hero Field Sobriety Test

Every Wednesday we have we have people over to play Guitar Hero.

For a while we couldn't figure out when to know if we were too drunk and it was time for people to go home.

Tonight, however, we finally figured out the Guitar Hero Field Sobriety Test.

If you (or someone else) is worried you are too drunk then you have to play either "One", "Battery" or "Creeping Death" on Guitar Hero Metallica.

If you fail out, then you are too drunk. If you can do any of those three songs to the end then you are fine.

(I should note - nobody is driving. This is just "too drunk for the neighbors.")


For a show that's completely ridiculous it's surprisingly compelling.

I think part of it is the feeling that anything can happen because the writers left reality behind a long time ago. Part of it as well is that Sarah Michelle Geller is charming.

All I can say is that this fall I'm really only watching two shows - Boardwalk Empire and Ringer.

While Boardwalk Empire has better actors, higher production values and more talented directors, each episode this season (other than the premier) has left me feeling sort of cheated - while each episode of Ringer leaves me wanting more.


So, this German guy found out that a couple 14 year old girls had taken more than 100 pictures of themselves on a display model of a laptop in a computer store.

He then copied all the photos and managed to track down their names and Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Next he had the photos blown up and copies made of all their tweets and stuff and stuck it in a gallery.

Some people would call this "stalking." He calls it "art."

I call bullshit.

This is only art if he now writes two novels about them falling down a rabbit hole or walking through their bedroom mirror and discovering a mysterious, yet vaguely threatening, world where animals can talk and cats disappear.

Occupy Wall Street Updates

Lots of updates here including videos of violence from both sides this morning.

Latest update says there is "absolute chaos" at Wall Street and that cops have rammed protestors with barricades and that at least one cop was punched to the ground in a retaliatory move.

Could get interesting.


In the comments section of one of the stories on Jezebel a discussion has come up where many women are claiming that the word "panties" is "offensive" and "gross" and that people, men in particular, should call them "underwear" instead because the word "panties" is "creepy."

I've never heard this before and assumed most American women called them "panties." But, I could be wrong so I want to know what you think.

Poll #1795716 Knickers

Is The Word "Panties" Offensive And Gross?

I Am British. Just Call Them "Knickers" You Fucking Colonial Gits.
I Am Male And Just Want To Know What Women Are Voting