November 10th, 2011

Bow Wow Wow

Just when I thought I'd seen the most absurd products ever I discovered Bowser Beer.

It's beer designed for dogs. You can get beef or chicken flavored beer.

According to the company it has "Malt barley (full of B-vitamins) –just like in your beer."

In the ad below someone says "It's made in the USA so you know you can have confidence in it."

The company suggests you pour it over crushed ice before you give it to your dog.

Sounds yummy, right?

The Budget Triad Part One - Prostitution

With all the talk in Washington about the budget deficit and people talking about cutting programs and finding ways to bring in new revenue without raising taxes it occurs to me that a great way to lower the budget and not raise taxes is to simply start taxing things that already exist, but don't get taxed because we've pointlessly forced them into the black market.

Today's example: Prostitution.

Here we have one of the largest industries in America. Each year over 100,000 women are arrested in America on prostitution charges. Those are just the ones who get caught. Can you imagine what the real number of women and men who make their living this way is?

I would say a conservative guess is 1 million. Now, these are people who would be very, very willing to pay taxes on their income if it meant that they didn't have to worry about getting arrested, having a criminal record and could call the police if they were a victim of violence in the workplace.

What makes it completely ridiculous that prostitution is not legal and taxed is that having sex in exchange for money is, in the right circumstances legal, just not if you admit that's what you are doing.

For all of human history there have been women who have dated and married men simply because they were wealthy. We can assume that most of these women had sex with these men and that most of them would not have fucked these dudes if the dudes didn't have money.

But here is the thing. If you tell a guy you won't have sex with him unless he marries you and gives you half his money and then when he gives you a diamond ring you go home with him and go down on him and let him fuck you and fake a dozen orgasms, we find that completely legal.

But, if you go out with a guy and you tell him you won't have sex with him unless he gives a small amount of his money then you are breaking the law.

Go figure.

Of course, that's not the most absurd part of the way our legal system works when it comes to prostitution.

If you meet a guy alone in a hotel room and he gives you money to have sex with him then you can go to jail. But if you meet a guy in a hotel room and he gives you money to have sex with him and someone films it, then you can't go to jail. You are not a prostitute, you are a porn star, a completely legal profession.

Can anyone explain to me the moral difference between taking money from a guy to give him head and fake orgasms with him when you two are alone and when someone is around to film it?

It boggles my mind.

So, here's step one in my Budget Triad - or Bart's plan to raise government revenue without raising taxes. Let working girls work without risk of arrest as long as they pay their taxes.

Part Two will come tomorrow.