November 9th, 2011

The More Things Change....

So, Bachmann now says that people who don't have jobs shouldn't eat.


This, of course, comes on the back of lots of politicians on the left and right saying that people who ended up in mortgages they couldn't pay for should be homeless no matter how shady the banks were in pressing them to take the loans.

Now, I thought about writing a long post about how cruel and awful and wrong this is and how these ideas are unamerican.

But, then I remembered that back before FDR a lot of people thought this way. And, I remembered that Woodie Guthrie wrote about it in a far more direct way that I ever could.

So, I'm just going to give you the lyrics to "Pretty Boy Floyd" and post a YouTube video of him singing it back in the day.

It sums up my feelings about the situation way better than I ever could.

Pretty Boy Floyd

If you'll gather 'round me, children,
A story I will tell
'Bout Pretty Boy Floyd, an outlaw,
Oklahoma knew him well.

It was in the town of Shawnee,
A Saturday afternoon,
His wife beside him in his wagon
As into town they rode.

There a deputy sheriff approached him
In a manner rather rude,
Vulgar words of anger,
An' his wife she overheard.

Pretty Boy grabbed a log chain,
And the deputy grabbed his gun;
In the fight that followed
He laid that deputy down.

Then he took to the trees and timber
To live a life of shame;
Every crime in Oklahoma
Was added to his name.

But a many a starving farmer
The same old story told
How the outlaw paid their mortgage
And saved their little homes.

Others tell you 'bout a stranger
That come to beg a meal,
Underneath his napkin
Left a thousand dollar bill.

It was in Oklahoma City,
It was on a Christmas Day,
There was a whole car load of groceries
Come with a note to say:

Well, you say that I'm an outlaw,
You say that I'm a thief.
Here's a Christmas dinner
For the families on relief.

Yes, as through this world I've wandered
I've seen lots of funny men;
Some will rob you with a six-gun,
And some with a fountain pen.

And as through your life you travel,
Yes, as through your life you roam,
You won't never see an outlaw
Drive a family from their home.