November 7th, 2011


Hey I have write ads for an expert guide to Cityville.

Anyone out there know if Cityville people use standard gamer slang (noobs, etc...) or if there is their own lingo?

Is there anything I need to know about Cityville that makes it different from normal online games?

Also anyone know how to set up a sockpuppet Facebook account so I can try the game out at an Internet cafe (I'm not putting any zynga game on my computer or tying it to my facebook since I know they are full of spyware.)



Boardwalk Empire

God, it's like this season is "theme episode season."

Last week we got "The Trials Of Being Catholic."

The week before was an entire episode on "The Meaning Of Fatherhood."

This week we get "The Plight Of The Immigrant Irish."

Did these people forget that this is supposed to be a fun historical gangster show?

I think what's happened is what almost happened last season but didn't - all plot lines involving Jimmy suck because we know that Nucky has to win. But last season we got saved from that by sending Jimmy off to Chicago.

But, now that Jimmy is back the plot lines that aren't part of the Very Special Theme Episodes are all about him and there just isn't that much they can do with him on an interesting level.

That said, I guess we won't have to deal with him next season. Because for this plot line to finish somebody has to die and it won't be Nucky, and we know that Al Capone, Lucky Lucciano and Meyer Lansky all end up living, so Jimmy becomes the only disposable character.

The only question is if they'll kill off his mom at the same time.

My guess is that Nucky's brother will take out Jimmy as a way to get back in Nucky's good graces.

Of course, logic is not one of the strong points of this season since nobody in the entire city has managed to notice that the fucking mayor has been missing for days.