November 2nd, 2011

Boardwalk Empire

Dear Martin Scorsese,

Yes, I know you are conflicted about your Catholicism. I've seen you explore this in movies before.

You know what, it's always both uncomfortable and boring at the same time. And, if I was interested in it I'd watch Bringing Out The Dead instead of Boardwalk Empire.

So, please, please move on to something else, because this episode really, really sucked.




1. Ok, it's time to at least give us a hint of Shevon's endgame.

2. Does anyone give a shit about whether or not Juliette drinks or does drugs?

3. You know what would be funny? If when they give Good SMG the sonogram it turns out she is pregnant - by Malcolm!

4. Evil Drug Lord employs the dumbest goons ever.

5. I really hope the husband has some skeletons in his closet. As it is, he's like a vanilla unicorn in a land of creeps and trolls.

6. Did anyone else think that red leather dress Good SMG was wearing was awesome?

7. More Evil SMG please! She's much more fun.

When He Shouldn't See You Naked

The cover of this month's Cosmo promises that if you buy the issue you'll discover "When He Shouldn't See You Naked."

Now, I haven't read the article, but I did put together my own list. And, I invite you to do the same. I'll start out with mine and then add yours in the comments!

1. When you are having sex with the gardener.

2. When you are pooping.

3. When you are using your vibrator and screaming out his best friend's name.

4. In the sex tape you made with your considerably more endowed ex boyfriend.

5. In a field full of poison ivy.

6. When you should be out on the streets making him money.

7. At his office Christmas party.

8. In church.

9. While he's wearing the "gimp" mask.

10. In a crack house.


LiLo's New Do

Yeah, yeah, Lohan got sent to jail for 30 days, but we all know she'll be out in two or three because the Department Of Corrections can't afford to keep her locked up.

So, let's talk about what really matters - check out how fucking adorable she looks with her new short haircut!