October 31st, 2011

Only In France

One of the costumes available at the costume shop today was called "Jacob - Juif Avec Sheckles."

That translates as "Jacob - Jew With Money."

It had the full Hasidim hat, hair, sideburns etc.. along with a bunch of fake gold and silver coins.

Can you imagine if they tried to sell that costume in America?


Hello chickadees! it's RomeGirl, your embedded reporter in the war against sobriety with a missive from the front lines of Halloween.

As you know, our fearless leader was V, but the crude oil his mask was apparently molded from made him slightly ill, so he changed to become either a Gypsy King or Keith Richards from Pirates of the Caribbean 46: Electric Boogaloo. YOU DECIDE:

Some other fantastically elegant friends showed up as well, one as a butterfly debutante and the other as a gentleman jewel thief. CAN YOU GUESS WHICH?

And finally, I decided that since my dear sweet prince was wearing a wig and hat, I, too would don the same. I went out tonight wearing a wig I inherited from the Gay Mafia, and a hat to keep it on my head because I never seem to have a drag queen nearby when fitting a wig. I also decided to wear my favorite raggedy old hoodie and, in preparation for my insane trip this week, try out my Alpine hiking boots, which I haven’t worn since the last time I was in Paris (long story) to see if they were better for my sprained ankle than my sneakers. (They were.)

When I got to the bar they asked me who I came dressed as. I thought for a moment about how ridiculous I must look and said, “Dark Willow if she were an actual lesbian witch, and also living in Portland.”


P.S. I’m not doing Internet Whore Mouth Duck Face; I’m trying (and failing) to look evil.