October 29th, 2011

Beavis And Butthead

Man, I so wanted the new Beavis and Butthead to be good. But man, the first episode stinks.

I don't get it. Mike Judge is a talented and funny guy. And so much has happened to MTV and the world since Beavis and Butthead went off the air that there is a ton of material to play off of.

Instead we just get a retread and he misses every opportunity.

I mean, really, you have these two guys stumble upon a Snooki episode of Jersey Shore and you can't have either of them say something funny? That's ridiculous.

And, you have them watching bad new glam metal and trying to make fun of it? Fuck that shit. Get them to watch a Justin Bieber or John Mayer video and comment on it. Or you know what, here's an idea, have them making fun of a Justin Bieber video them have them switch to MTV2 and see a Lady Ga Ga video have them go silent while their eyes bulge out of their sockets. That would be funny.

And, really, you keep the teacher a hippy? Fail. He should have made the sensitive teacher a hipster this time around. That's material for you!

This episode was so dated Rome Girl and I downloaded Office Space right afterward to see if all of Mike's stuff dates so quickly. But, nope, Office Space is still funny, which makes me think Beavis and Butthead could still be funny, if he just tried.

Bring back Cornholio! He needs TP for his bunghole!


The new bar owner has yet to decide if he's going to have a Halloween party Monday night yet.

He's going to decide tonight which is not helpful since the Halloween store is closed on Sunday.

I think I might just go down there and see if they have a cheap Guy Fawkes mask and just go as "Anonymous" if he has the party, and then if he doesn't just keep it on a shelf for next year, because if "Anonymous" is no longer making news I could always go as V.

This means I wouldn't have to expend that much time, effort or money but have something ready if something happens.