October 26th, 2011

The Shitstorm

Man, Jezebel has managed to dig up a shitstorm.

The deal is that a week or so ago some 14 year old girl who happened to be African American let someone tape her on his cell phone while she blew a dude.

The video went viral around the dark icky corners of the web.

Anyway, Jezebel today published an article from a guy who initially claims to be the girl's father but then at the end admits he isn't but just as a fellow African American feels like he's her father.

If that isn't bullshit enough check out some of these quotes:

"White feminists can teach their own little girls to find empowerment through their crotches – my brown little girl cannot afford to be that carefree and cavalier with her life choices. Slutlife is the hard, lonely vocation of rich, educated, privileged white women who will fuck The World, contract social diseases and still, somehow find a husband."

Because, yes, getting STDs and finding a husband are what all white women want for their lives.

And this quote:

"I am Amber Cole's father and I have seen the video. You probably have too."

You know what? No, motherfucker, I haven't seen the video because I have no interest in downloading videos of 14 year olds giving blow jobs! Why, exactly, did you download it, you sick fuck?

There is other bullshit in the piece but I can't be bothered quoting it and giving this shithead credit.

Read at your own risk.


Me: "I had a really long nightmare last night. One of those ones where you wake up and go back to sleep and it comes back and keeps going."

My Shrink: "Ok. What was it about?"

Me: "Pretty standard horror movie fare. I was in a world where the zombie invasion had happened and they were chasing us trying to eat our brains. And we were either running from them, hiding from them or shooting them. Then it got weird because we realized they could imitate us, so some of the people on our team would suddenly turn into zombies and we'd have to kill them. At one point I was fighting a zombie who had made himself look like me."

My Shrink: "Ok."

Me: The weird thing is that the fourth or fifth time I woke up I wasn't scared of the dream anymore. I didn't want it to come back when I went back to sleep, not because I was scared but because I was bored of the nightmare."

My Shrink: "Wow! That's where we are going to stop today! That's great"

Me: "What????"

My Shrink: "You've made amazing progress! You should be really proud of yourself!"

Me: "Whatever."

Oh, Canada

Canada is getting ready to release new harder to copy banknotes next month.

In preparation they showed the banknotes to various focus groups and asked them what they thought. The focus groups came back saying they thought they saw the following images on the notes:

1. Anal beads.

2. A naked woman.

3. The Star of David

4. A skull and crossbones.

5. The American Flag


Duff McKagan was at a book reading for his autobiography in Seattle when a conspiracy theorist tried to badger him with questions asking if he was part of the plot to kill Kurt Cobain and cover it up.

When the dude refuses to leave Duff gets off the stage, screams "Nobody likes you!" and "Get the fuck out motherfucker" and then helps security push the guy out the door.

That's rock and roll.

Question For Photographers

Rome Girl just discovered that one of the photos from her Flickr account is being used by a commercial website.

What recourse does she have?

She's going to email them. Should she ask for money? Should she ask them to take it down?

Anyone know?

We sure don't.


Men Who Hate Women

H&M has announced they are going to release an entire clothing line based on Lisbeth Salander.

Because, you know, asbergers, psychopathic, bisexual, S&M, statutory raping, torturing killer is THE look for women this winter.