October 25th, 2011


You know, when they translate novels into English I think they should translate the names as well.

I say this because I primarily like to read paperback crime fiction. Lately 90 percent of the paperback crime fiction available at the English language book shop has been translated from random Scandinavian languages.

And, holy mother of fuck is it often hard to remember which character is which when the names all read like random consonants strung together with no particular pattern.

Also, I'm often about halfway through a book when a character I thought was male turns out to be female and vice versa, because I have no sense of the gendering of Scandinavian names.

Like, seriously, I was pages and pages into my latest one when I figured out that "Hanne Wilhelmsen" was female.

In most American/UK crime books this wouldn't be much of a problem - but the Scandinavian crime fiction always has lots of sex scenes (many of which are important to the plot) and figuring out if the sex is heterosexual or homosexual or whatever can be a key plot point. (Though thankfully the descriptions tend to be graphic enough that this is when I figure out for sure if "Ranikals" or "Grigles" is male or female.)


Lohan did a shoot to be a Playboy centerfold over the weekend.

She's getting a million bucks for it.

What's interesting is that she was also doing her court ordered volunteer work at the morgue this weekend.

Can you imagine going back and forth between a morgue and a Playboy shoot?