October 16th, 2011

Advice For Life

Ever feel tired and down?

Want a way to feel better?

Here is how you do it:

Buy multivitamins.

Do a ton of them.

Watch a couple episodes of your favorite TV shows.

Go out and have a few drinks with good people.

Come home and cook something simple like pasta with sauce.

Then, go to YouTube and search for "Keith Richards Solo" and play anything it offers while drinking a beer.

You will feel the wonder.


1. So, everyone the husband is friends with or "married" to is a drug addict, a blackmailer, a thief, an adulterer, involved in high end international crimes or a homicidal maniac. Wow, that's either really bad luck or he's some weird inside trader, because it's hard to only know scumbags unless you are a scumbag yourself.

2. What kind of husband doesn't notice that a very, very visible scar has suddenly disappeared from his wife's arm?

3. If you are going to impersonate a woman, doesn't it occur to you that you might have to fuck that person's husband and lovers at some point to keep the facade going?

4. Speaking of which, are we to believe she hasn't fucked her "husband" in two weeks and that he hasn't noticed that?

5. Wouldn't it be funny if Evil Rich SMG had some really bizarre fetish? Because, imagine if Good SMG does have to fuck him to keep up the facade and it turns out that Evil Rich SMG insisted on being peed on or something before sex and he just did it assuming that he was supposed to. That could be awkward.

6. In the real world does anyone really think that the solution to a kid having a drug problem is to send them to a public school? Like, of course, none of the kids at public school in New York City could possibly be using/selling drugs. Sending a rich 15 year old to a New York City public school to get them off drugs is like handing an alcoholic a Gold American Express card and sending them to a bar to get sober.