October 13th, 2011

SEO Weirdness

I'm sure some of you know what SEO keyword stuffing and keyword split tests are and some of you don't so I'll give you a brief explanation.

The deal is you take a home page for a site that is doing fairly well selling a product and then try to make it sell even more. You do this by taking a keyword (which can actually be up to four words) and finding ways to slightly rewrite the copy to include that word or phrase as many times as humanly possible without the copy becoming unreadable.

Then, you take another keyword and do the same thing. Then you take another keyword and do it again. After you have four or five versions - each emphasizing different keywords - you put one up for a week, then the second up for a week, then the third up for a week and so on - and see if any of them generate more sales or a higher search engine rank than the other.

Today I had to do four variations of the same page selling herbal Viagra products.

One of the keywords is "sexual enhancement."

Man, is it fucking hard to keep using the phrase "sexual enhancement" over and over again without creating clunky and awkward sentences. It's just not a phrase that lends itself to repeated use in any sort of natural sounding way.