October 7th, 2011


My shrink moved to a new place and today was my first time trying to go there and I totally thought that I had mastered the terror I had of new places.

I thought I'd done well because even though I can't read maps and the key streets I needed to turn right and left at had no fucking street signs, after two or three false starts I eventually found her new office.

Yes, I was fucking terrified the entire way there.

Yes, I was terrified the entire way back. ("Don't worry," she told me, "If you just go down hill you'll get to a tram eventually, no matter how lost you get. Just keep heading down.")

Yeah, that's fucking comforting advice.

I thought I'd mastered this until tonight. Then I put in a DVD and then went to put on my glasses and realized I had no fucking idea where my glasses were.

The last time I remember wearing them was searching out the streets for my shrink. I remember them hurting my eyes a bit because it was a longer walk than I expected and harder to find. I remember putting them down for a couple seconds on a wall near a street sign.

I thought that I picked them up and stuck them back in my jacket afterward. But, since they don't seem to be here I guess I didn't. I guess I fucked up.

I can't play video games or watch TV without them.

I suck.

Glasses Found

Turns out my cat was using them as a cat toy.

I found this out because I woke up to the sound of her batting them around our closet.

Note to self: The next time anything goes missing always check my cat's stolen treasure place in the closet before I assume it is lost.

Rome Girl comment of the day (before I got a chance to tell her I'd found them) "Why don't you get someone over who can fucking see to look for them for you before you go out and buy a new pair?"

Flame Me If You Must...

.... but what is the point of this whole "Occupy Wall Street" stuff?

Is it a chance for those of us on the left to prove we have just as many crazy people in our ranks as the right wing does?

Does anyone really think Wall Street bankers or the government gives a shit if a bunch of hippies/hipsters/anarchists make a bunch of noise in a public park?

If this were Tea Party people doing it the left would be screaming that they are bunch of crazy people. In fact, when the Tea Party holds similar protests that's exactly what we do!

I really don't see munch difference between a bunch of left wing people with signs screaming Wall Street is behind everyone's misery and a bunch of right wing people with signs screaming that Obama is behind everyone's misery.

You want to fix the economy and make life fairer for more people and generate jobs?


I get that.

But, the only way for that to happen is to vote out the 30 obstructionist Tea Party douchebags in the House of Representatives.

So, if you've got enough time to occupy Wall Street, why not spend that time doing voter registration stuff in those 30 congressmen's districts.

That would get a lot more done and wouldn't make those of us on the left look just as nutty as the right wing Tea Party people.

Really, is there any difference between a right wing protestor dressing up as Ben Franklin to bitch about unemployment and unfairness and a left wing protestor dressing up like a giant blue unicorn to bitch about unemployment and unfairness?

The only difference I see is that the Occupy Wall Street people seem to be better looking than the Tea Party people.