September 21st, 2011

Dinner Party!

I'm having my first dinner party in like forever tonight.

Though, it's not really a dinner party so much as an excuse to play Xbox. I am making Guinness Beef Stew, however, so I reserve the right to call it an adult dinner party and not a juvenile gaming night.

The deal is that my friends Rachel, Dmitri and Adam discovered fighting games about three weeks ago in the form of Tekken 6 at the arcade next to the Vert Anglais and we've been playing it nightly since.

We've also noticed that the fucking game has sucked a lot of coins out of our pockets. So, we decided to see what it's like taking it indoors.

That said, I couldn't find Tekken at any game shop in town, so I bought the new Mortal Kombat.

None of us have played Mortal Kombat in years but we are willing to give it a try, since what we seem to like about Tekken is beating the shit out of each other and discovering cool hidden moves and from the reviews I've read it looks like Mortal Kombat will deliver on that level.

It's a good time to try it out, because I generally can't have drunk video game nights when Rome Girl is in town because at night is when she likes to get her professional writing done and having five people in our small apartment getting drunk with a giant loud television shrieking sounds of violence would really not be appreciated if she was sitting here trying to translate high level technical documents from Italian to English.