September 19th, 2011

Smoke Em If You Got Them

Last summer when Rome Girl went back to the States she was shocked at how expensive cigarettes had become. She quickly realized that the reason for the price surge were additional taxes meant to increase revenue and motivate people to quit smoking.

She also realized that while it might bring in additional revenue, it had no impact at all as to how much people smoke. Her mom, as avid a smoker as she and I are, had simply purchased a machine that allows you to take tubes that are essential empty round paper with a filter on the end and insert tobacco into it. The result doesn't look like a rollie - it looks and tastes exactly like a normal cigarette.

Best of all, because the tax applied to manufactured cigarettes her mom was able to purchase the raw tobacco very inexpensively. In fact, she ended up paying considerably less than she had before the tax increase.

In other words, smokers will find a way.

About a month ago Rome Girl and I decided to experiment with that process here about bought the cigarette making machine for about ten bucks.

Now, personally, I like to smoke machine rolled cigarettes when I'm out mostly because when you are out friends will sometimes bum cigarettes and I don't want to look like a cheap asshole by handing them some random no-name brand cig. But, that's just me.

So, what we've done is that when I'm home I smoke the cigarettes with make with our machine and when I'm out I smoke real Gauloises.

We tracked the financial side of this over the course of four weeks and realized it has saved us an average of 80 euros ($120) a week.

Not bad at all - and something I figured I'd pass on.