September 13th, 2011

I Don't Get It

For like four or five months now there has been an all out fucking flame war in various LGBT communities between gays and asexuals.

The main thrust of the argument is that a lot of the gays don't think that the asexuals belong in the community and they really don't think that asexuals should be able to use the word "queer" to define themselves because they think "queer" only applies to men who suck cock and women to eat pussy.

The asexuals counter that the LGBT community and the word "queer" should be open and available to anyone who is not heterosexual.

Then the LGBT people freak out and respond that some asexuals get romantic, non sexual crushes on members of the opposite gender and, therefore, they have no business in LGBT communities.

The response from asexuals is that whether they get romantic crushes or not they do belong to a minority sexuality group and LGBT communities are supposed to be inclusive, safe spaces for sexual minorities.

This then leads the LGBT people in going batshit angry and saying the difference is that asexuals are not discriminated against and can use straight privilege to their advantage.

"Fuck yeah we are discriminated against," the asexuals counter. "Ever notice how married people and people with children get promoted faster and are more likely to be hired and get better raises and tax breaks?"

Generally (and I've seen this play out on dozens of LGBT message boards), at this point everyone goes mental and just starts telling everyone else to eat shit and die.

How is this even a controversy?

Of course asexuals should be welcome in the LGBT community. And, if someone wants to define themselves as queer that should be their right.

Tea Party Debate

(AP) -- Aspiring GOP presidential candidate Khal Drogo upset the race when he unveiled a new, controversial deficit reduction plan during the CNN Tea Party Debate Monday night.

Drogo proposed eliminating the U.S. Navy - a move that could save an estimated $160 billion - while immediately retreating from both Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Taking military personal through waters the horses cannot drink needs to become a thing of the past," Drogo said. "In addition, it is time for the Khalasars in those wind swept lands to appoint their own Khals and find their own path. Let them ride, I say! Let them ride!"

Drogo said he would also reform both Medicare and Social Security by firing existing government personnel and instead appointing Dosh khaleen to run both programs.

"The Dosh khaleen will eliminate bureaucracy, cut government waste and reduce spending overall," Drogo said. "This is the way to save both systems. It is known."

Drogo's main challenger, Tywin Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock, Shield of Lannisport and Warden of the West accused the Khal of trying to privatize both systems.

"With proper lending practices in place and reasonable interest rates we can pay down the national debt effectively over time," Lannister said. "While Drogo and I disagree on many things, I believe there is no one in this room who would argue that as both president and a Lannister I would make sure we paid our debts."

Lannister said that should he hold office he would appoint his son, noted economist Tyrion Lannister, as head of the federal reserve. He also dismissed Drogo's idea of disengaging from military naval maneuvers as "a reckless idea that could put our country at great risk."

Instead, Lanniser said he would appoint Sandor Clegane as chairman of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff and give him the job of both cutting wasteful military spending and maintaining troops at the highest possible state of readiness.

"Clegane will hound our enemies at every turn," Lannister said.

Texas Governor Rick Perry, a newcomer to the race, tried to parry with both Drogo and Lannister.

"Transforming Social Security from a Ponzi Scheme to a form of top down socialism is not the answer," Perry said. "And, letting Lannister into office will just continue to support the type of Wall Street borrow and spend cronyism policies that got us into dire financial straights in the first place."

Drogo then burst into laughter saying "Look at Gov. Perry's hair! He has no braid! He has no right to lead."