September 10th, 2011

I Am A Bad Influence

I think I ruined a lot of guys night's Friday.

On Jezebel I'm one of the "guysources" and they question of the week was "tell us something women may not know about balls."

So, I wrote that if you go from them being really warm to really cold really quickly they will temporarily retract inside your body.

A bunch of women commented that they didn't know this but were curious so they surprised their boyfriends with ice packs on their nuts last night and were amazed and happy to see the effect in real life.

I'm guessing their partners were not as happy with this effect.

Deep Thoughts

I'm not surprised that the potential terrorists the FBI are looking for are Americans.

What does surprise me is that it's been 10 years and no American citizens have pulled off terrorist shit with al-Qaeda support.

I mean, shit, have you ever thought about how much the militia movement in America, the Tea Party people and al-Qaeda have in common?

They all pretty much hate the same things, they all like weapons and blowing shit up, they all hate the federal government, most of them don't like Jews or black people and many, many of them are religious fanatics.

And, face it, it would be a hell of a lot easier for some blond dude named John Smith to get somewhere important and shoot people/blow shit up than someone named Mohammed Al-Bieber or whatever.