September 3rd, 2011

It Just Gets Worse

Today, Gawker ran an article about a woman who went on an online date with a man she decided to reject because he pulled an armed robbery in the middle of the date and asked her to be his getaway driver.

And, Gawker even names the guy!

I swear women in the online dating world are really, really picky.

If I Ran For President

I'd use different campaign slogans depending on where I was speaking.

In New York City: Bart 2012 - Smoke On The Water - And In Your Taverns

West Virgina Tea Party Rally - If I Have My Way I'd Have All Of You Shot

Texas: Tear Down The Wall!

California - Uber Alles!

New Jersey - A Vote For Bart Is A Vote For Springsteen!

New Hampshire: Massholes Suck!

Detroit: Kill All White People!

Maine: Blame Canada!

Chicago: Suffrage For The Dead!

Deep Thoughts

Does anyone else whenever they hear "Dead Flowers" think "Shit, this reminds me of the way I feel about a lot of people?"

Or is it just me?