September 2nd, 2011


Long time readers of this blog will remember about four years ago when I stumbled upon the Sneeze fetish forum and was amused by the all out flame war going on there about whether or not slipping pepper in your date's dinner to improve the chances of her sneezing would be considered date rape or not.

Anyway, Gawker discovered the forum yesterday and stumbled upon a new debate raging there.

There's a movie called Contagion coming out in the fall about a pandemic that sweeps the world. Some of the sneeze fetish people are really excited.

"The script begins with a simple sneeze. Okay, now I'm excited."

Others, however, are concerned that the film studio will screw them over.

"Knowing Hollywood, they will still find a way to cut all the sneezes out of this movie."

Of course, there than has to be the people who think it's going too far.

"The whole epidemic/pandemic element takes absolutely all of the appeal out sneezes and illness for me. I almost certainly won't even watch this when it comes out in DVD."

And, finally, there's the worry about seeing a film that, if you are a sneeze fetishist could result in multiple orgasms in the movie theater.

"Now I have the feeling I'll be too shy to see it in theaters."

Bar Owners Finally Show Some Backbone

Bar owners in Michigan have come together to say that until the smoking ban is lifted they are banning all state lawmakers from their establishments.

If they find out that a lawmaker has been in their bar, they'll file trespassing charges.

Some interesting facts before you start coming in with "but bars are better without smokers."

That might be defensible if the people who don't want smoking in bars actually went out to bars more when smoking bans are in effect - but the truth is that when smoking bans go into effect bars lose between 20 and 35 percent of their revenue. Which means that all the smoking ban does it keep smokers out of bars and that non smokers don't start suddenly showing up.

In Michigan alone the smoking ban has cost the state roughly $200 million dollars in lost revenue through losses in jobs, taxes and business closings.

I know personally of several people who lost their bars and had to shut down after the smoking ban went into place because it destroys profit margins and I know of even more people who have lost jobs due to the smoking ban because the bars that stayed open had to lay off staff.

An interesting side note to this is that bartending and waitressing are the most accessible jobs other than sex work for single mothers and young women trying to put themselves through school, so guess what happens when you create a law that closes bars and restaurants or causes them to lay off staff?

Your Own Honkey Tonk Women Adventure

Back in the 1970s and early 80s the Rolling Stones used to make up a third verse for Honkey Tonk Women that was geared for whatever town they were playing in.

For example the verse for when they played Paris was:

"Strolling down the boulevards of Paris
As naked as the day that I will die
The sailors are so charming down in Paris
But they just can't seem to sail you off my mind."

So, here's an idea - see if you can write a verse for your town/region/whatever. I'll try to go first.

"Drinking in a cafe in Montpellier
Knocking shots back at the Vert Anglais
The streets of Montpellier are full French girls
But they just can't seem to French you off my mind."

Your turn.

Up There

This blog post is done at the request of my friend, Trixxie.

She wants to know what the weirdest thing women have put up their vaginas.

She says she's put garlic and cucumbers up there.

"I want to know what other girls have done," she commented.

So there you go. Let at it.