September 1st, 2011

Rome Girl On Food

When the travel website that Rome Girl works for published her latest article about French food yesterday they also decided to include links to all her other food related articles.

Neither she nor I can believe she's written so many!

Anyway, it made her day, so I figured I'd pass it along.

Baby Ban

As anyone who has read Jezebel recently knows they now have at minimum three stories about babies and/or pregnancy a day. This is somewhat intentional given that when I asked about it I was told that it was because "one of us is pregnant."

Anyway one of their latest is an item from a mom complaining that when she tries to bring her child out with her people often give her shit about it.

This led, of course, to many commentators telling stories about places they'd seen people take their babies/toddlers that they thought were completely inappropriate.

That was countered by other people responding "babies are people and should be allowed anywhere people are allowed!"

Anyway, I went through the comments and here are the most common places people said they didn't think babies/toddlers should be allowed. (The poll creator here won't let me list all the places they mentioned, so I just used the ones that seemed to bother the commentators the most.)

Which ones do you agree with them on?

Poll #1774815 Babies

Where Is It Not OK To Take A Baby/Toddler

A bar
An upscale restaurant
A non-G rated movie
A dog park
A wine tasting
A wedding
A dinner party
An outdoor cafe
A furniture store
A store that mostly sells glasses and china
A library
A coffee shop
Other you'll explain


You know, I think it's perfectly reasonable for Finland to ask for some form of collateral before sending any more money to Greece.

Particularly since it's becoming clearer and clearer that the only way for Greece to get out of this whole mess is going to be to eventually pull out of the Euro, issue a devalued currency and then say "fuck you" to their debts - exactly the way Argentina did a few years back.

I mean, at this point, the only reason to not ask for collateral is if you are really, really confident that Germany has the best interests of all of Europe at heart - which, historically, is sort of like hoping that a US insurance company has its customers health and welfare as their primary business concern.

At this point I think Greece is, quite sensibly, just seeing how much hard currency they can get out of Europe and the IMF before they pull the plug. Sort of like maxing out your credit cards a week before declaring bankruptcy.

I also wonder if the Euro sell off that has been boosting the dollar all day is because currency traders are finally figuring this out.

Full Of Win

"My whole life, I've done everything in the same space; When I sleep and I work and draw and take photographs... everything is in one space. Everything reflects my inner world as well as my outer world: my aesthetics, the things that I like and also my very chaotic mind. I do so many things that there are so many rooms [in my mind], there are little compartments in my rooms, I have the photography room, and the painting room, and the room dedicated to my children..." — Patti Smith.



Rome Girl: You know what's weird?

Me: The Internet?

Rome Girl: Well, yes, but that's not what I was going to say.

Me: OK.

Rome Girl: I just read that Nancy Regan fell down at an event and there's a picture of it. But I hadn't seen it anywhere else.

Me: Nobody gives a shit about Nancy Regan. If it had been Taylor Momsen you would have heard about it.

Rome Girl: I don't even know who Taylor Momsen is.

Me: She'll probably end up married to Marylin Manson eventually.

Rome Girl: I still think it's weird that nobody talked about Nancy Regan.

Me: Do you want to see pictures of Taylor Momsen?

Rome Girl After Looking At Pictures: That's Avril Lavigne.