August 30th, 2011

Cumming And Going

Last night I was hanging out with Dennis at the Vert Anglais and he'd just downloaded a new gay cruising app to his smartphone.

The way the app works is that it allows guys who are in the mood for quick anonymous sex to set their status as available. It's then linked into their Four Square app.

So, what happens is that if you are a dude looking for a quick hook up with another dude you can just turn it on and it will tell you how many dudes are looking for the same in your general area and then tell you where their last Four Square check in was (so you have a general sense of how far away they are.)

At first Dennis was excited because there were three guys he thought looked hot who had profiles up pretty much saying they were ready to get busy with the first dude that contacted them.

But then he noticed that two of them had their last Four Square location listed as McDonalds and the other had Quick (a low rent fast food burger joint.)

He immediately decided that there was no way he was going to get naked with someone who was hanging out at McDonalds instead of a bar or cafe or someplace more interesting.

We joked with him that he was being too picky but then a couple girls said they would have made the same judgement call.

So, I'm curious - would you have had the same reaction or not?

Poll #1774235 Would You Judge A Potential Hook Up By Location?

Would You Judge A Potential Hook Up By Their Last Four Square Location?


The Worst Travel Article I've Ever Seen

Rome Girl writes for a fairly popular travel website. Part of her job is reading other travel websites to find out what they are writing about.

At least five times a week this results in her screaming "you will not believe the piece of shit (random site) posted."

Today, however, she thinks she's stumbled upon the worst travel article ever written.

We are both astounded that someone got paid to write it.