August 23rd, 2011

Unintentional Hilarious Jezebel Comment

So, Jezebel has a post about how men are spending less money then they used to on diamond engagement rings.

Cue, the obligatory "Oh, the size of the ring doesn't matter as long as he loves me comments that Jezebel commentators feel obligated to make so they can sound cool.

Then, one woman chimes it with this gem - which is clearly meant to be serious, but due to poor phrasing becomes accidentally hilarious:

"I'm... kind of terrified about the idea of wearing a ring at all. I mean, like, I'm afraid of cutting the circulation off and having to have my finger chopped off or something. Which I know is irrational, but it doesn't make me any less comfortable about rings.

Maybe a nice pearl necklace or something, I don't know."

Freaks And Geeks/How I Met Your Mother Advice

Rome Girl is trying to find new shows to watch so we stop defaulting to West Wing, Buffy and Alias every time we want to watch TV and there isn't a new episode of Breaking Bad, Weeds or Torchwood.

Because a lot of people on her tumblr are constantly talking about Freaks And Geeks and How I Met Your Mother we downloaded a few episodes of each last night.

We watched four episodes of How I Met Your Mother and the pilot of Freaks And Geeks.

So far...

How I Met Your Mother - It seems like a really, really dumb "dudebro" comedy that I was only able to get through because, well, Alyson Hannigan is adorable. But that's not enough to carry an entire show. Does this show ever evolve beyond being an Adam Sandler movie that just happens to have Willow talking about sex a lot? As it is I felt like the show combines the worst parts of Seinfeld and Friends. (Note, the only sitcom in history that I have ever consistently enjoyed was WKRP if that gives you a sense of what I'm looking for in a sitcom. I thought Seinfeld was mean spirited and refused to watch more than a few episodes of it because I do not find people being mean to be funny. I like nice people getting into fun situations like on WKRP.)

Freaks And Geeks - After the pilot I was seriously depressed. 45 minutes of people being mean to each other. Does this show evolve beyond that or is it just going to be people acting shitty all the time?



Let's Start A Book Meme

Let's start a new meme here.

Pick two books that you think most people reading here probably haven't read (i.e. not Harry Potter or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) but think that people would unexpectedly enjoy. Write a couple sentences saying why they might not think they would like but, but why they actually would.

I'll go first.

1. Harlot's Ghost by Norman Mailer. This book got killed when it came out. It got pitched as a "spy novel" which made a lot of people think it was going to be a James Bond thing when it was not. It got shit on by the literary establishment because Mailer was using a different style then usual. But, it's actually fascinating. Mailer used freedom of information requests to find out how the CIA really operated between about 1945 and 1964 and then built a novel around it. It's fascinating because it's so not James Bond. (The two most effective techniques the CIA used were stink bombs and digging tunnels.) It will make you look at the CIA and American history in new and interesting ways. The best parts are the portraits of real life CIA people - many of whom were very amusing characters. Think Mad Men combined with historical satire.

2. Turn Of The Century by Kurt Andersen. The Bonfire of the Vanities of the late 1990s - it is a wonderful satire of all the Y2K paranoia, the Internet bubble, hedge fund managers and Microsoft and ends with a deliciously funny, yet not unrealistic, way someone could have made hundreds of millions of dollars with just a few well placed web pages back before the Internet was really secure.

Your turn.

Pimping For A Friend

One of my friends is a college professor in New Jersey and one of his star students is in an online contest for a walk on spot on Mad Men.

He assures me she's super cool and asked if I would ask people if they would go to the site and vote for her.

Here's a picture of her if that influences your decision: