August 21st, 2011

Bad Teacher

A film that is very funny, but wants to be Bad Santa but doesn't have the balls to be as nasty as Bad Santa.

I'd hate to think that they felt that had to hold back because they had a female lead and that the female lead is why they had to have her fall for the "right" guy at the end of the film and become less of a bad teacher, but I suspect that's what happened.

Still, it is worth a watch because it is nastier then they generally write roles for mainstream female characters. And, it's funny.

I just wish they'd pushed the envelope a bit more and I hope that it wasn't simply because Diaz has a vagina that held them back.


You know, Lars Ulrich comes off as such an obvious dickweed in nearly every interview he's ever given I'm starting to wonder if it's all an act.

After all, every time he's an ass - whether or not it's crying that James forgot his birthday, saying that U2 is his favorite band, admitting he has one roadie who's only job is to put his socks on him before a show and take them off him after the show etc.... it generates a million stories in the music press and generates free publicity for Metallica.

So, what do you think it is? Is Lars a real dick or a strap on?

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Lars Ulrich Is....

Just pretending to be a dickweed for marketing reasons.
Just a dickweed