August 18th, 2011

Women Who Like It In The Bowl

I have signed up for FetLife.

My user name is bowlphiliac!

I have created the group Women Who Like It In The Bowl!

If you are on FetLife and are a woman who likes it in the bowl - feel free to join.

Forkies and spoonies are welcome - no knifies.

It's fine if you use condiments or like to eat it bare!

I think this link will get you there. If not you can just do a search on the site for "Women Who Like It In The Bowl."

Pretty Vacant

Dear Noel Gallagher,

You honestly told New Musical Express that you wish you'd written Never Mind The Bollocks..."




You talentless, pretentious fucking twat. You made millions being in a glorified Beatles cover band and you think that you have 1/10,000th of the integrity John Lydon had when he wrote that album when he was barely 17 years old!

How can a fucking corporate music hack like you even pretend you wish you'd written something actually transgressive that challenged the music industry establishment that you have so obviously spent a decade or more giving blow jobs to?

Have you no sense of decency at all, sir?