August 16th, 2011

Full. Of. Win.

This is one of the greatest blog posts of all time.

The deal is a woman plans to go shopping with one of her friends. She tells her husband she's going to buy new bath towels.

Her husband says they already own enough bath towels and that she can't waste money on bath towels.

So, she goes shopping and while she doesn't buy bath towels - she does buy something else.

I won't ruin the punchline - but man, I bet her husband NEVER tells her not to buy bath towels again.


On her show last night Rachel Maddow said that she thinks the only way to get Congress and Obama off their asses and get shit done would be to stage an alien invasion so that people would stop fighting each other and work together.

That's right.

The U.S. government has gotten to the point where Ozymandias seems reasonable.