August 15th, 2011

Catholics For Condoms

In the International Herald Tribune on Saturday there was a giant ad that started off with huge letters reading "Why Was This Ad Banned In Spain?" and then had the following ad in English below it.


I did some searching and found an explanation on their website:

"Publimedia, an advertising company based in Madrid, Spain, rejected the Condoms4Life advertisements that had been booked to run on the Madrid transport system during this year’s Catholic World Youth Day."

Here's the rejected Spanish language ad.


Crazy Brits!

Newly released information about stuff British intelligence thought about doing to help beat Hitler.

1. Slip estrogen into his food in order to "feminize him" and make him less warlike. They liked this idea because his sister was a mild mannered secretary and thought that would be what he would want to be if he was loaded with estrogen.

2. Drop glue on German troops in hopes it would cause them to stick to the ground.

3. Drop poisonous snakes on the troops if the glue didn't work.

4. Use "a giant water-borne Catherine wheel full of explosives — dubbed the Great Panjandrum — for an assault on the Normandy coast."