August 13th, 2011

Suck It

It turns out that one of the effects of climate change is that it's causing vampire bats to migrate to southern US states.

This gives me an idea

They should rename Global Warming "Vampire Invasion."

They'd get loads of federal funding to fight it because nobody in congress is going to vote against an anti-vampire bill.

Seriously, can you imagine trying to run a campaign when your opponent is able to claim that you are soft on vampires?

Overheard In Montpellier

A couple next to me who were clearly on a first date.

This discussion happened about an hour or so into their date. While the dude was French and the girl was American they were speaking in English.

Girl: So, do you have the extra skin?

Dude: I don't understand?

Girl: You know (while pointing at his crotch) The extra skin? Do you have it?

Dude then went into his manbag pulled out a map of the city, took out a pen, made a dot on it and handed it to her and said "Here is the local synagogue" and then walked away.