August 12th, 2011

Stop Calling Them "Crazy"

You know, one of the things that bug me about the whole Tea Party debate that is raging in America today is how many, many people have started calling Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann and their supporters "crazy."

Fuck, not a day goes by without some blog I read or whatever talking about "xxx is crazy."

The thing is they are not crazy. They are simply following a flawed ideology. But, while that may make them dangerous, that does not make them insane.

Think of it this way, in the 40s and 50s many Americans believed in communism - another flawed ideology. Do you think they were crazy? Because, honestly, there isn't much difference between a Tea Party person today and a communist sympathizer in the early to mid 20th century.

Both are responding to an intellectually compelling ideology that looks great on paper - and is intended to help people - but actually ends up hurting people when put into real world practice.

But, simply because both communism and objectivism are not practical and would result is abject misery for millions of people if put into place does not mean that their followers need psychiatric care. Marx and Rand both offer very compelling economic theories and both were well intentioned - as are their followers.

Hell, if you want to call people crazy for believing in ideas set down in a book you might as well call every religious person in the world crazy.

This is not to say that the Tea Party people are right or have any place in our government. People who believe in ideologies that are fundamentally anti-American - which includes both communism and objectivism - have no place in our government structure.

In the same way that communists were monitored, jailed and, in some cases, executed because their actions and beliefs were potentially harmful to the American way of life - so should members of the Tea Party be monitored, arrested and, when needed, given the big needle.

This should be done not because they have lost their minds, but because they are very rationally sticking to a belief system that would destroy our country.