August 11th, 2011

Unknown Mini Review

Liam Neeson proving he's capable of making a more disappointing film than The Phantom Menace.

January Jones proving that it's not just that she plays a bad character in Mad Men, but that she's a bad actress overall.


Dave Mustaine hopes to create Metallica/Megadeth supergroup.

“Well, James said ‘no,’ but it’s still kind of out there in the air,” he said. “I’m gonna keep hammering on him. It’s on my bucket list.”


This is the dude who was willing to sob on camera for the Some Kind Of Monster DVD about being kicked out of Metallica 20 years earlier.

Dude, James and Lars hate you.

Figure it out.

What's Going On In This Video?

Check out this short video.

It sure looks like Lohan buying drugs in the open on Venice Street - but it also doesn't make any sense in the world.

1. Even if Lohan were dumb enough to try to buy drugs out in the open in broad daylight, I think most drug dealers would, like, not sell drugs when it's obvious they are being filmed.

2. Even the worst drug dealer in the world would not openly fondle a bag of cocaine in the middle of the street in broad daylight.

3. Nobody is making any attempt to hide anything.

4. In repeated viewings it almost looks like she hands the guy money and then he slips her a deck of cards. Why the fuck would people be hanging on a street corner selling decks of cards, however, also makes no sense.

Anyone got any rational theories on what's happening here?