August 6th, 2011

The Wedding Singer

MTV's 30th anniversary led me to playing "Video Killed The Radio Star" on YouTube, which then led me to playing The Presidents Of The United States cover version of that song on YouTube, which contains clips from The Wedding Singer movie which led me to watch it tonight all of which led me to think:

1. Why the fuck does Adam Sandler usually make shitty movies??? The Wedding Singer is a really good movie. It shows that he can act and it made bunches of money - so why didn't he spend the rest of his career making movies like this instead of movies where he's a farting golf playing idiot?

2. Chick flicks can be good if they just give us dudes something to hold onto. The Wedding Singer is at its core a chick flick, but because it gives us good music and some male bonding it's cool and doesn't feel like watching Sleepless in Seattle.

3. Is it possible to not like a film where Billy Idol ends up being the hero?

4. This movie is very much like a Frank Kapra film.

5. "I was listening to a lot of The Cure before I wrote this song" is the most hilarious intro possible for the song he ends up singing.