August 3rd, 2011

Know Your Sexist Terms For Sexually Aggressive Women

On Jezebel yesterday someone referred to a 70 year old woman who wants to fuck a boy in his 20s as a cougar.

No! This is not right!

Here are the actual terms for these situation:

Cougar: A 40 year old woman in this situation

Jaguar: A 55 year old woman in this situation

Snow Leopard: A 70 year old woman in this situation

Sabre Tooth Tiger: An 85 year old woman in this situation

Lion: A 45 year old woman pretending to be 29 years old in this situation

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

MTV Trivia

Ok, so 30 years ago this week MTV launched - so I figured I'd do a special "rock trivia" entry devoted to MTV. You know the rules - see how many you can get without Google or Wikipedia.

1. If MTV met your children, what would they tell them?

2. What was the second video ever played on MTV?

3. What has the Guinness Book Of World Records listed as the "Most Successful Video Of All Time?"

4. What was the first video by a black artist put into regular rotation on MTV - hint, some people might complain that it's much too fast.

5. What was the first Metallica video played on MTV?

6. When Nirvana was supposed to play one of their hit songs at the Video Music Awards what, as of then unreleased, song did they start to play instead?

7. What was the first video to actually mention the existence of MTV?

8. Name MTV's first game show.

9. What song opened up the first Video Music Awards?

10. Which artists shared a lesbian kiss on the Video Music Awards?