August 1st, 2011

Aeosop's Debt Ceiling

Once upon a time there was a small town that had lived in prosperity for a long time and earned the respect of neighboring communities.

Then, one day, a bad man came in and took over the town. For eight years he and his friends hurt the little town. While there was more than enough food to go around they made sure that people didn't share their food so some people starved. They raided neighboring towns.

People in the surrounding community started avoiding the little town. New roads were built so that people didn't have to drive through the town anymore. Buildings in the town started to decay and when the street lights went out nobody bothered to replace them.

One day the people of the little town got tired of this and decided they had had enough. They ran the bad man and his friends out of town but needed someone new to lead it. So they took a vote and decided to elect the nicest man in the town to fix things up.

The nice man tried, but didn't realize that just because the bad men and his friends were gone didn't mean that the town hadn't been changed by the bad man.

People weren't used to sharing anymore and weren't sure they wanted to start sharing again. The nice man wanted the neighboring communities to like his little town again but by now the other towns feared his town and didn't trust it.

Plus, they were still mad about when the bad man hurt their little towns and thought that with the nice man in charge it might be their best chance to get revenge.

The nice man could have shamed his community into sharing again, but he was such a nice man he didn't like to raise his voice or make people feel bad. So, he just talked about how he liked sharing and hoped they would see the light.

And, surely, he thought, the other towns would forgive and forget because he was so nice.

Eventually some of the people in town decided that while for most people things were pretty bad under the bad man they were better for them. And they realized that no matter what they said the nice man would agree with them.

So, they told the nice man that if he didn't let them keep not sharing with their neighbors they wouldn't like him anymore.

The nice man didn't want to create a fuss - and he really wanted to be liked - so he agreed that they could do whatever they wanted, even though what they wanted was even worse than what the bad man had wanted.

After all, that way the people would still think of him as a nice man, even though people still wouldn't share, and the roads still bypassed his little town and the last street light was about to burn out.

The end.