July 30th, 2011

Torchwood Miracle Day

1. The black dude is really miscast. They should have cast the dude from Alias.

2. Speaking of which, this episode was so much like an episode of Alias that it was practically a parody.

3. Welsh Girl in that updo hairstyle looked fucking adorable.

4. Was that C. Thomas Howell? If so, he's not credited.

5. I don't get the triangle people's endgame here. Sure camps are creepy but their endgame can't simply be "be evil." Slave labor for another planet perhaps?

6. Enough with the gay jokes. Yes, we get that Jack is gay. That doesn't have anything to do with the plot so can we just move on?


A completely hypothetical situation:

Ladies, imagine your dude needed a new pair of shoes. Imagine he went to a shoe store and came back wearing black pointy canvass lace up shoes.

What would your reaction be in this completely hypothetical situation?


Poll #1765533 Andre Garda Noir

Ladies, In This Situation You Would:

Tell Your Dude The Shoes Look Great
Tell Your Dude He's Never Allowed To Choose His Own Shoes Again


I finally found a YouTube video that does justice to the "Airplane Moment" at the end of In The Flesh during The Wall tour.