July 19th, 2011

Whip It Out!

Oh, this article makes me giggle for many reasons.

The deal is that the NIH did a federally funded study on gay men and dick size. What they found was that guys with big dicks tend to be tops, guys with small dicks tend to be bottoms and guys with average dicks tended to both top and bottom.

That's worthy of a giggle itself - it's all self reported and I have no doubt that the tops were totally honest about having gigantic dicks. Because a butch gay dude would never lie about his 9 inch twink hammer, right?

But, what sets this article apart is that it's written by a Fox News reporter who is clearly both fascinated by the idea of big dicked tops and tiny dicked bottoms but also horrified that federal funds were used for this study.

All in all - full of win.