July 18th, 2011

Local Hero

On a whim Rome Girl and I watched the movie Local Hero tonight. The last time we watched it we both decided that it is the best film ever other than Shawshank Redemption.

Seeing it again just reinforces that.

Anyway, sorry that this is sort of a repeat post from the last time we saw it two years ago, but there are new people reading my blog since then and I figured it can't help to recommend this awesome film.

News Of The World

So, David Cameron is telling Parliament they have to stay in session and not go on their summer vacation. Meanwhile he's finally cutting his trip to South Africa short and flying back to London. At a news conference in South Africa he refused to take questions about whether he might resign.

Meanwhile the head of the Met Police Force and his second in command have both resigned today and it turns out that Cameron had Brooks and both Murdochs over for Christmas dinner during the attempted Sky purchase deliberations at the government level. And it turns out that Brooks "vetoed" his first choice of Press Secretary and told him he had to pick a Press Secretary that was "acceptable" to the News Of The World. He then hired a News Of The World editor to be his Press Secretary.

What, do you think should happen to Cameron at this point? Can his career survive this? Is there more bad news to come for him?

Tell me what you think, gentle readers. Tell me true.

Should David Cameron Resign?

Yes. His ties with News Corp. were too strong.
No. He's been doing the right thing to fix this mess.
No. But Parliament should hold a no confidence vote and force new elections.
Other I will explain.