July 1st, 2011


So, DSK was set up.

Man the French conspiracy theorists are going to go nuts with this.

Of course, the set up was done by dumb criminals (as usual.) I mean, seriously, if you are talking to someone who is in jail on the phone about getting $100k to set up someone, it doesn't occur to you that jail phone calls are fucking recorded?

I'm curious what happens to Sarko now. While there is no proof most French people are going to assume that Sarko was behind this. That's not something I'd want over my head while running for re-election.

The most troubling thing is that now that this has come out it's going to make women who actually are sexually assaulted by powerful men less likely to come forward and/or be believed.

Which, it goes without saying, is bad for everyone.

Angry Birds

After playing Angry Birds for two days I've realized this is actually a great metaphor for our times.

1. The pigs clearly represent the capitalist industrial complex and their willingness to use shoddy building materials and or other things that put the general public in danger in order to make money and safeguard their ill gotten gains.

2. The birds on the other hand represent the left wing imperial machine on an ongoing urban renewal program. It's sort of like the way the Hipsters have gentrified Brooklyn.

3. You, as the player, represent a combination of Stalin and Emperor Hirohito willing to sacrifice their own citizens for the greater common good. This is particularly explicit when it comes to the birds that have strapped bombs to their body.

4. The small birds represent the proletariat. As a single bird they are not very powerful, but when you left click to turn them into three birds working together they become much stronger.

5. The birds that drop their own eggs on the buildings clearly represent people in red states that are willing to sacrifice their own best interests in favor of both patriotism and their dedication to their cause.