June 30th, 2011

Dear Deadspin Fans

I'll be happy to unscreen your various comments calling me a "faggot" and a "douchebag" and a "sissy" and a "traitor" - as soon as A.J. unscreens my comments on Deadspin.

As it is, I made four non-aggressive comments that were all deleted. Then when I was pissed off (because the system deleted my first four comments) I made a fifth one that told you to fuck off in the most blatant terms. I assumed it would be deleted like the others. I'll agree with you that that fifth comment might make me look - out of context - like an asshole - because I called the writer a "motherfucker" and pointed out that she had created a particularly poorly written article.

At the time I did not realize that A.J. is a bully. I learned pretty quickly.

Like most bullies, A.J. is a coward. Having seen how his friends have gone out of their way to take vengeance on his behalf it does not shock me that he only was willing to put up the angry post.

And, that when he did so, he used my name instead of my Gawker Media name. In other words, A.J. selectively chose the narrative and in a completely dishonest way did his best to make me look bad online and destroy my reputation.

I suspect he did so because he thought that using my name would shame me into silence.

When that didn't work he sent his flying monkeys to my blog to harass me.

God, A.J. you are so manly.

What I find really amusing is the dozens of people trying to comment here saying I should not have used A.J.'s real email address. And their surprise that I won't publish their comments unless they use their real name.

Well, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. I asked to comment on Deadspin without using my real name and A.J. essentially told me to fuck off. So, here you go - and see how it feels.

Anyway, until A.J. mans up , have fun trashing people but not giving them the chance to respond.

About a year ago I got into an argument with a group that thought that "most rape accusations are false." Those guys let me comment on their site and I let them comment on my site back and forth.

While we disagreed they had the courage to engage in a real debate.

It astounds me that rape apologists have more integrity than the editors at Deadspin.

But, at the end of the day, that's reality.